STEM Programme

across England

Science is so much better when it’s hands on. With this STEM programme, students will get an in-depth look at scientific processes and learn things that could not be contained in a classroom. Embark on an adventure to the other side of the world for both an exciting and enriching trip.


  • During a 21st Century Forensic Science workshop learn all the forensic techniques and report your findings on an incident report.
  • Learn the skills to present scientific research, for both poster presentation and short TED/FameLab style presentation.
  • Meet the experts at The UK’s centre for magnetic confinement fusion research and the home of the major European fusion experiment JET. 
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  • Check out a high technology incubator and the Culham Innovation Centre.
  • Be a Marine Biologist for the day at the National Oceanographic Centre and the University of Southampton.
  • Learn from the leaders of scientific research with a presentation on one of the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Military Innovations, Water Preservation, Disease Prevention. (subject to availability)
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