International Sports Tour

UK & France

What could be better than travelling around the UK and France with your teammates? You'll get the perfect balance of training and touring - from taste-testing French delicacies to learning a range of competitive sports in both countries with local teams. Grab your trainers and passport and get ready to jet-set on the tour of a lifetime.


  • A range of competitive sports matches against English and French teams, promoting cultural exchange
  • Sightseeing opportunities both in London and Paris, two of the most famous cities in the world
  • Enhance team building, sportsmanship and leadership skills
  • Enjoy local cuisine in France and England
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  • An all-inclusive package including flights, accommodation, transport, meals and activities
  • The assurance of our full suite of tools, resources, checklists and support to make your trip planning and advertising a breeze
  • Free travel for teachers
  • Tour representative on hand 24/7
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