North America School Trips

North America

School Trips

Our North America school trips could take you all over the USA and Canada! Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives. Here are some of our favourites:

Music & Arts Trips to the USA (New York, Los Angeles,
Chicago & San Francisco, USA)
Drama Trips to New York (New York City, USA)
Grand Canyon Geography (Arizona and Nevada, USA)
USA Cultural & History Trip (New York City & Washington DC, USA)
Discover NASA (Kennedy Space Centre & Orlando, USA)
Silicon Valley STEM Trip (San Francisco & Seattle, USA)

Drama Trip, NYC

To travel or not to travel - that is the question! We vote yes. On this trip you'll get the full New York experience. Enjoy specialised creative workshops and see a Broadway show in New York City. The Big Apple awaits!
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Music and Arts, Trip to the USA

Embrace the music and arts scenes of some iconic American cities: New York, L.A., Chicago and San Francisco! Enjoy specialised workshops, visit a diverse range of galleries and meet with successful artists and musicians. 
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Discover NASA, Kennedy Space Centre & Orlando

Blast off to the Kennedy Space Centre and Orlando, Florida! Your students will get to participate in a simulated shuttle mission and learn first-hand about life in space.They'll also experience the physics of free-fall in a vertical wind tunnel. Get ready to go to inifinity - and beyond!
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Space & Rockets, USA

Choosing a fun yet educational trip should be easy, it's not rocket science...or is it? Get students excited about space science and engineering with a trip to the US Space and Rocket Center's facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Students will get a hands-on, interactive experience with some top-of-the-line experts.
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Grand Canyon

Check out the American Southwest and tick off a bucket list item along the way! You'll hike through parts of the Grand Canyon, meet Native Americans and become immersed in cultural performances. Visit the Hoover Dam, UCLA's campus and the Mojave Desert. See a different side of American culture and learn heaps along the way!
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USA Culture and History Trip

As you travel to the Big Apple and DC, you'll see the bright lights of Time Square as well as the historic Smithsonian Institution. Enjoy workshops specific to your subject and immerse yourself in the history of the civil rights movement in Harlem, NY. You won't be able to get 'Welcome to New York' out of your head!
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Trip to Washington D.C.

This trip gives students a mix of culture, commerce and discovering unique and historic customs. With China's economy continuously growing, what better place for students to learn about business than this global economic hub? They'll also visit iconic sites like The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.
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Silicon Valley, Seattle & San Francisco

Explore America's top tech hub cities, Seattle and San Francisco. Tour Silicon Valley and meet with STEM professionals while taking in America's west coast culture. Tour famous museums like the Intel Museum and the Computer History Museum for a once in a lifetime educational experience.
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