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Whether your students want to Tango their way through Argentina, learn about civil rights in Harlem, or get immeresed in Spanish culture, STA Travel has got it covered. Choose from our list of exciting history and culture trips, and they'll get both a hands on education and the experience of a lifetime. 

ANZAC Battlefields

Visit specific memorial sites dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand efforts and sacrifices made during the war, and increase knowledge through visits to key battlefields, memorials and museums. You'll also try French cuisine and take in the beauty of Paris with a guided tour of its most famous sites.
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Music & Culture in Brazil & Argentina

Become immersed in Brazilian and Argentinian culture as you take a Spanish language or local cuisine cooking class. Play tourist and get up close and personal with Christ the Redeemer, then take part in a Tango class and performance. The possibilities are endless on this exciting (and educational, of course!) trip.
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USA Culture & History trip

As you travel to the Big Apple and DC, you'll see the bright lights of Time Square as well as the historic Smithsonian Institution. Enjoy workshops specific to your subject and immerse yourself in the history of the civil rights movement in Harlem, NY. You won't be able to get 'Welcome to New York' out of your head!
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Berlin to Budapest, 11 days

Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest; four reasons to fall hopelessly in love with Eastern Europe. Spaced over 11 days, the Berlin to Budapest Contiki will see your group cycling through old city streets, indulging in authentic cuisine and getting a true taste of local culture.
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Spanish Spree, 14 days

Two weeks drifting around Spain - you'll be hablando Español before you know it! Our Spanish Spree holiday gets you discovering all corners of this cultured country, exploring everywhere from San Sebastian to Seville, with a side trip to Ibiza in between.
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Best of the Balkans, 15 days

Want a taste of Eastern Europe's culture with some beach breaks in between? This is the trip. Hit up an incredible 6 countries in just one trip and take in the best sights the Balkans has to offer. Explore the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, get cultured Belgrade or stroll around the historic sights Sarajevo has to offer.
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European Discovery, 12 days

Whet your European appetite on the European Discovery. From sobering museums in Germany to breathtaking Austrian mountain ranges and gelaterias in Rome, you'll get a taste for all the best bits, ticking off 8 countries in one trip. By the time you get back to London you'll be completely smitten by all things Europe.
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Quest to Rome, 16 days

France, Spain and Italy are a trio like no other. 16 days in perhaps the most alluring region of Europe will have you feeling right at home. Visit wine regions, catch boats to small islands and tick off 9 World Heritage Sites. Don't book a flight back just yet - we guarantee you won't want to leave!
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Cultural Experience, UK & Europe

You might as well call this European 101 - on this trip you'll get the essential European immersion. Take a tour through the continent's history as you visit poignant museums and memorials. Then get a taste of local cuisine and compare each country's delicacies. 
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Japan Culture

Explore the exciting Japanese cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and immerse your students in Japanese culture. They'll learn the language and customs of this incredible country as they take a bike tour of Kyoto and kayak down the Tama River. What better way to learn about Japanese culture than to live it?
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Culture & Business in China

This trip gives students a mix of culture, commerce and discovering unique and historic customs. With China's economy continuously growing, what better place for students to learn about business than this global economic hub? They'll also visit iconic sites like The Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.
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School trips to Washington, D.C.

Embark on an exciting and enriching trip to America's capital, Washington, D.C.! Here students will visit the Smithsonian museums and learn about the American political system. Better yet, they'll see where all the politics happen - at the White House and the Capitol Building.
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