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Immerse your students in astronaut life at the Kennedy Space Centre, have them channel their inner Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley, or hit the slopes in Japan! With our STEM trips (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), they'll get a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience like no other. Have a look through our trip options and see which best suits!


Ski Japan, Tokyo & Hakuba

Grab your skis and let's hit the slopes! Head to Tokyo & Hakuba, Japan for a one-of-a-kind ski and immersion experience. Improve and develop ski and snowboarding ability, visit snow monkeys and learn about historic Japanese culture at the Nagano Temple. Kon'nichiwa!
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Environmental science & geography trip NZ

Get the full experience of Aotearoa while exploring boiling mud pools and hiking one of the world's top day treks - the Tongariro Crossing. Explore Mt. Cook and see one of the world's most unique countries - or get to know your backyard a little better!
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Silicon Valley, Seattle & San Francisco

Explore America's top tech hub cities, Seattle and San Francisco. Tour Silicon Valley and meet with STEM professionals while taking in America's west coast culture. Tour famous museums like the Intel Museum and the Computer History Museum for a once in a lifetime educational experience.
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Discover NASA, Kennedy Space Centre & Orlando, USA

Blast off to the Kennedy Space Centre and Orlando, Florida! Your students will get to participate in a simulated shuttle mission and learn first-hand about life in space.They'll also experience the physics of free-fall in a vertical wind tunnel. Get ready to go to inifinity - and beyond!
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Space & Rockets - USA

Choosing a fun yet educational trip should be easy, it's not rocket science...or is it? Get students excited about space science and engineering with a trip to the US Space and Rocket Center's facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Students will get a hands-on, interactive experience with some top-of-the-line experts.
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STEM Programme across England

Get students excited about science with hands-on workshops...on the other side of the world! Check out the Culham Innovation Centre, be a marine biologist for the day and explore one of the world's most interesting countries. Students will also learn from some of the world's top leaders in scientific research. 
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