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Customer Safety Matters

Here at STA Travel we believe in the importance of good practice and safety in school and group travel. The following sections provide an overview of key factors to consider when heading overseas and the steps STA Travel take to ensure it’s a safe trip for all.

Traveller Visa & Safety Advice

There are a number of reputable websites which provide important advice for New Zealand travellers on their destinations: e.g. passport and visa rules, safety and security and health advice. For more information, please visit one of the following:

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Traveller Health Advice

STA Travel recommends that all travellers speak to their GP or travel doctor to seek healthy advice in good time prior to heading overseas. Here are some useful links also for your reference:

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Customer Safety Matters Policy
The STA Travel Customer Safety Matters policy covers the following aspects of your tour:

• Accommodation
• Coach Operators
• Pre-Tour Information
• Inspection Visits
• Outdoor and Venture Activities (overseas)
• 24 hour Emergency Procedures
• Serious Incidents

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Transport & Accommodation

Audits are completed for all our selected coach companies to ensure
that they provide us with good quality, safe and reliable vehicles.


We conduct thorough audits on all accommodation booked for our 
customers which covers areas such as security, hygiene and fire safety.
24 Hour Support
Here at STA travel we believe it is not how you start your journey with us but how you finish it that defines your experience with us. Our knowledgeable and resourceful team are available to resolve any issues prior to departure. We are also available on an emergency contact number for 24-hour service, 7 days a week to assist with any last minute unexpected events along the way.