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Our Arts & Drama school trips could take you anywhere in the world! Each can be tailored to your students to specifically meet their curriculum and trip objectives. What better place to learn about theatre than on Broadway? They won't just study Europe's history - they'll live it! Have a look through some of our best school trips and see which best suits.

Drama Trip, NYC

To travel or not to travel - that is the question! We vote yes. On this trip you'll get the full New York experience. Enjoy specialised creative workshops and see a Broadway show in New York City. The Big Apple awaits!
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Music & Arts, Trip to the USA

Embrace the music and arts scenes of some iconic American cities: New York, L.A., Chicago and San Francisco! Enjoy specialised workshops, visit a diverse range of galleries and meet with successful artists and musicians. 
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Cultural Experience, UK & Europe

You might as well call this European 101 - on this trip you'll get the essential European immersion. Take a tour through the continent's history as you visit poignant museums and memorials. Then get a taste of local cuisine and compare each country's delicacies. 
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Other School Trips

None of these trips tickle your fancy? Fear not - we've got heaps of other school trips in various subjects. Whichever you choose, your students will have the trip of a lifetime and learn a few things along the way. Have a browse and talk to one of our Travel Experts to help you pick one that best suits your plans.
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